/// Adam /// TAV ///

Adam Yehiel is the founder and General Manager of Tel Aviv Volume, Tel Aviv’s Platform for all Sub-Genre electronic dance music, Consisting of a Day Conference and a Club-Based night Festival.

Adam is a music industry professional for over 25 years, Since 1998 Adam had been living a double (night)life, regularly crossing the bridge between Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. Adam has been taking an active part in Amsterdam Dance Event every year since 2004 as a professional DJ and a local DJBAR owner (Cafe Max 2004/2012) opening doors for many young israeli artists worldwide and created electronic music events for thousands of people around the globe.

During 2010 Adam has shifted his base back to Tel Aviv and began to layer the grounds for Tel Aviv Volume.

2014 saw the 1st TAV event operating in full blow, brining most of the music industry together for a Successful 3 days Conference and more then 12000 people that participated in events during the night Festival, 4 nights on a row, with performances by 75 DJ’S in some of the best clubs the city of Tel Aviv has to offer. 
This was the first of it’s kind Festival ever attempted in israel based on collaboration and it was titled a success, thus event no. 2 came on in early January 2015 with growth of 30% on all fronts, expanding activities to 23 locations with performances by 115 DJ’s and 21000 People, the day conference also grow to cover the well respected psy-trance sound and culture.

Coming January 2018 will be the 3rd time Adam is coordinating the Tel Aviv Volume event, while opening a space for music, accelerating the industry, creating a hub for musicians and turning the local young scene into a mature solid industry based on collaborations.
Festival wise this will be the most elaborate collaboration in the music community to this day EXPECTING 150 DJ’S /// IN 25 LOCATIONS /// AND ABOUT 30000 PEOPLE /// DURING FOUR DAYS AND NIGHTS OF NONSTOP DANCE MUSIC