/// Rocky Tilbor ///

With a unique production and a very organic sound, Roy Tilbor has for many years been one of the finest ambassadors for Israeli Progressive Psy-Trance. He has released on top labels such as Iboga Records, Echoes Records, Blue Tunes, Hommega, Iono Music , Tribal Vision , Plusquam and more. Following the release of his debut album ‘A Thread of Light’ in 2007, he predominantly marked himself as one of the most sought-after artists for parties and festivals around the world.
Roy has collaborated with, remixed for, and been remixed by top producers from the international electronic music scene, such as Andrea Bertolini, Piatto, Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul , Son kite , Intelabeam, Nok, Brisker & Magitman, Symphonix,Ritmo, Yotopia,Lish and many numerous others.
During his time with Echoes Records, Roy also started working on his second album, ‘’Keyboard Wipeout’’.
Keyboard Wipeout (2011) was – and still is – a big success. It has brought something new to the people’s ears, following Roy’s unique production: power and energy with organic infusions.
From there the road was set , top releases and grand-scale collaborations that were demonstrated and preserved in tours around the globe – while constantly being one of the best performance acts. Working as Easy Riders (the collaboration project with Ace Ventura), Roy will keep producing with his unique, unequaled style – as only he knows.