/// ADI LEV (NL) ///

עדי לב מלכת הדראמ אנד בייס מגיעה במיוחד מהולנד לתת ממשנתה לקהל הנאמן שלה בארצנו.

ADI-J lives in Amsterdam and spins her “IN YOUR FACE” blend of Drum & Bass at events all around the country, with a list of International gigs as long as your arm and a current Dutch residency at: “Cheeky Monday” @ Winston International, ADI-J always moves the crowd!

But things weren’t always like that…

… Born and raised in Israel, ADI-J has been expressing her musical side from a young age and has the epic CV as proof! Playing Bass (No surprise there!) Guitar in several high school bands, working for NMC Music’s Dance Department, promoting the highly acclaimed “THE BASSGROUND” and running the website of the same name are just a few of her musical endeavours…

… It was during a stay in London back in ’94 that ADI-J became enchanted by the strange sounds emanating out of the British underground rave scene, her exposure to what we now know as Drum & Bass inspired her journey around the globe bringing breakbeats and bass to the masses…

… During the last 13 years ADI-J has undoubtedly paid her dues:

– Playing at Legendary events and venues all over the world including:


– Teaming up with DJ’s: D-MONICA, KEIRA, QUILLA, MIZZFITZ and NUALA to form the Dutch female DJ crew: B.A.S.S. who together played at Clubs all over the Netherlands as well as LOWLANDS FESTIVAL alongside Brazils’ DJ MARKY.

– Hosting & making special guest appearances on various internet and pirate radio stations including:

>>> A weekly show on Israel’s: “IFUSIA”,
>>> Special guest appearances on DJ STATIK’s infamous “RUFFRHYTHMZ” show on Prague’s “RADIO 1”,
>>> A regular monthly show on “RETOX” 106.8fm hosted by BASSCULTURE during ’01/’02,
>>> Her own Sunday show with DJ SQUEE on JUNGLETRAIN.NET from ’04-’07.

– Graduating from SAE (School of Audio Engineering) Amsterdam and immediately utilizing her newly acquired skills to co-produce “DRY TEARS” with DJ PREDATOR (FOKUZ RECORDINGS: Cat. No: FOKUZLTD002).



The now defunct BASSGROUND.COM ♥ was another of ADI-J’s creations…

THE BASSGROUND started as a bi-monthly Wednesday night event at GOLEM, Israel, featuring the biggest names in Drum & Bass and rapidly grew into a weekly Friday night party at the biggest venue in Tel Aviv: ALENBY 58 (now known as TLV) and continues to hold one-off parties around Israel.