Eli Baltsan (aka DJ Zombi) has been around for the
past 15 years…What a trip it has been so far. 


In the early 2000’s DJ Zombi began performing at
underground parties throughout Israel. He played under a label named Domo, it
was the only progressive label around at the time. As a music scout and DJ, Eli
spent numerous hours behind the decks at many open air and club events. Just a
few years later (2003), DJ Zombi became internationally recognized for his
successful compilation release “Inspirazzia”, which lead to his first European
summer festival bookings. Over the next few years, Eli would spend a lot of time
performing at German open air events as well as other events across the world
in South America. Zombi took part in many large scale events such as Voov
(2004), Universo Parallelo (2005), Prostranstvo (2005), Tshitraka Festival, and
a few other major festivals.


It is now 2005 and Eli had realized that over the
past three years his sound had brought him all over the world, but it did not
have any influence on his home city of Tel Aviv. From there he decided to
concentrate on the local scene, creating a weekly event at the Maxim Club in
Tel Aviv. The party line was an incredible success; for the next five years,
every weekend, DJ Zombi hosted artists such as D-Nox, Beckers, Tim Healey,
Criss Source and many other underground superstars. Around the same time, Eli
collaborated with fellow musician Astronivo, creating a hand full of
internationally recognized releases on labels such as Sprout, Flow, and


2008, the year dance music had been going through an
extensive change. At this point in time Eli felt it was a good time to start to
start a proper project. With his partner Felix Nagorsky, the duo created what
the world would soon know to be as Weekend Heroes. This new project would bring
Eli into the more commercial parts of the music scene, allowing him to
collaborate with artists such as Deadmau5 and Criss Willis. Additionally, Eli
began to play the more commercial clubs on the international circuit such as
Pacha, Ministry of Sound, Global Underground etc… 


In 2014 Zombi felt the calling of the underground
and decided to create a new record label, Beat Boutique. Eli also intended to
push the limit and expose new territories with his solo alias both as a
producer and as a performer. His EP’s had managed to find their way to Sudbeat,
Perspective Digital, Sprout, and Mooseeka, while his tour calendar delivered
beyond expectation. 


2016 has been dedicated to Eli’s Beat Boutique
label, it has been internationally recognized with releases from key artists
such as D-nox, Cid Inc, Dousk, and others. Over the past year, every 2 weeks,
the Beat Boutique label holds a showcase in some of Israel’s leading venues
(The Cat & Dog, The Block, Bootleg and special Open Air events). 


Today you can hear DJ Zombi spin at his open air
event (Terra), at his residency at The Cat & Dog, or at one of his
international gigs anywhere in the world.