/// Noam Sperber ///

נועם ספרבר (Service Lab)

The Ableton Live Workshop with Noam Sperber (Service Lab) will review some of the different techniques of using Abelton for Real Live Performance. By using various of controllers, we will demonstrate the use of cut-scenes and clips to control the structure of the Track in real time. We will also talk about working with synthesizers and samplers, applying effects on different channels in the Track, Finger drumming, creating loops from scratch on stage, step sequencers, Mash-ups and special features of Max For Life.

Noam Sperber is a graduate of the combined bachelor’s degree of Muzik and a BA in Arts.
. These days he lectures and teaches the Ableton software according to a unique curriculum he created. at Beat Master Acadamy
In recent years he’s been creating his unique music under the name “Service Lab”. He has released albums in the Daly City Records from San Francisco, Scrub Club Records from Kansas, Empathy Recordings from New Zealand, and his trackbacks have been included in the collections of Beatport, Blend.io, Team Supream and more. He has partnered with the best of the Glitch-Hop artists and has performed in a variety of festivals in the United States