Onnik Tavitian

House of Tracks

For over 15 years of producing tracks and being a well renowned DJ himself, Onnik Tavitian decided it was time for the next step. He had plenty of tracks that he never used and that where gathering dust on his computer’s hard drive. Why not sell those tracks to other professionals? No sooner said than done: Onnik started House of Tracks, which, by now, almost 5 years later, is the world’s #1 ghost producing platform. Personally he prefers the term ‘producing platform’. Because in the end it all comes down to that: producing en getting your music heard.

Every year through House of Tracks a rather impressive amount of tracks are sold worldwide to DJs as well as advertisement companies, the gaming industry and other interested parties. Beside the broad application possibilities, Onnik considers ghost producing a valuable addition to the maturing of the international dance scene.

Producing a good track and getting it played, nowadays is sooner a matter of a coproduction than a ghost production. Lots of DJs lack producing talents or don’t have the time, and countless producers are horrified by the thought of getting on stage in front of people to play their music.

House of Tracks opens up possible new career opportunities for their producers while the buyers are always guaranteed of fresh and original dance tracks in a wide variety of (sub)genres. TV-series and movies with clubs scenes need good dance music for a good price. Advertisement companies are always looking for hip & happening music for commercials without making their clients pay the prize. House of Tracks responds to exactly those needs: the platform brings high quality supply and demand together; hence the HoT motto: “Our standard = quality!”