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430652_282215278508519_2104076573_nMichele Mango (Roof Animals // Tel Aviv)
Michele has discovered the world of sound and electronic music at young age, while hosting his radio show. At the end of 90-th he started working as a sound technician in local shows. After moving to Israel, Michele started his party lines which had some very successful outcomes. From 2008 to 2010 he studied sound engineering in Sapir College in order to know all about sound and keep his agenda professional. After the graduation he moved to Tel-Aviv and took a part of local electronic music scene. In collaboration with locals DJs/producers and Promoters he created projects such as “Roof Animals”, “Metronome”, “Re:Boot”. Their parties had a huge success and after some time Michele was invited to play abroad. Nowadays he is DJing in several Tel Aviv clubs and working as a Sound technician in “Israeli Ballet”.