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Homsy (Omri Harari) – Sonic Booking | Groove Attack | Trancelucent Productions

For over 15 years Omri Harari better known as just Homsy has been taking an active role in the domestic & international electronic music industry on a global level.

Throughout his career he has been focused on Label & Artist management, Sales & Distribution (From Physical to Digital) & Marketing in the ever changing fast pacing digital world.

These days Homsy acts as co-owner of Sonic Booking – Artist Management where he heads the international & marketing divisions. Sonic Booking is a boutique agency managing a selected number of leading international acts.

He is also an integral part of one of Israel’s finest large scale festival promotion team known as Groove Attack.

Groove Attack execute 3-5 events yearly including the famous Neverland Festival, Satya Festival and more.