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For over 60 years the night life of Tel Aviv had changed its face and style unrecognizable, the one thing that always remains – Tel Aviv City had never stops dancing! Throughout highs and lows, times of crisis and war, times of adaptations or times of resistance, the nightlife scene of Tel Aviv keeps on living large, innovating and reinventing it’s kicking, restless, underground urban nightlife scene. With its limitless blend of art, culture and music spreading from the clubs, to street parties to the city’s infamous roof parties. On this ADE special, we invite you to hear the sounds that overcomes every controversy in one of the most controversial lands on our planet, the sound that drives the change, the sound that puts everything else aside – so we can dance, free and liberated.

With some of the most influential names of Tel Aviv’s nightlife industry we will take you into the sounds that currently drives Tel Aviv to new extremes, you are soon to find out – Tel Aviv’s nightlife seconds to none!

Supported by Tel Aviv Volume – The City’s first full scope music industry convention and night festival that will take place in January 2014.


Adam Yehiel (Tel Aviv Dance // TLV)
Since 1998 Adam Yehiel had been living a double (night)life, regularly crossing the bridge between Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. Back in 2004, Adam had started a local Amsterdam DJ bar, MAX, hoping to bring a taste of the sound of Tel Aviv to Amsterdam. Later on, when travelling back home, he found himself trying to bring an Amsterdam sound to Tel Aviv. Since then he had been adjusting sounds, integrating multiple styles and exploring with sound vibrations, selecting his take of best of each world, compiling it into one sound that he can call his – a unique sound that bridges his influences from over the globe, and AMS//TLV specifically. “…I talk stereo and I make people dance…”

Sahar Z (Lost & Found, Sudbeat // TLV)
Legendary Tel Aviv-based DJ Sahar Z, longtime veteran of the global techno-house scene, resident DJ of “Haoman 17″ (the biggest and most prestigious club in Israel) has emerged as Israel’s finest DJ Talents, winning for three consecutive years the DJ of the year award, sponsored by “DJ HaIr”,israel’s most popular music magazine. Not limited by any genre or style, Sahar Z’s influences come from many directions which gives him his unique sound that transports the crowd through a journey of atmospheres and moods from deeply melodic sounds and fresh electronica to the harder yet soulful techno edges. Today he is one of the owners/djs of the most famous underground club in Tel Aviv – “The Cat & Dog”.

Guy Mantzur (Lost & Found , Sudbeat // TLV)
With a lifetime of tools and skills at his disposal, Tel Aviv-based electronic musician Guy Mantzur has experienced multitude of worldwide success in recent years. From his home base of Tel-Aviv, Guy specializes in electronic music crossing all genre labels, be it chill-out, progressive house, techno or techhouse. His works have regularly featured on a multitude of TV shows, film soundtracks, and compilations around the world, with his productions yielding countless success stories both in the charts and on the dance floor. In addition to his studio talents, Guy is the co-owner and A&R for Munich based label Plattenbank alongside Yaniv Tal, and the resident Top DJ of Tel Aviv’s most popular club – The Cat & The Dog – and play there alongside international acts as Catz ‘n Dogz, Michel de Hey, Guy J, Chaim , Joris Voorm, Dimitry, Layo & Bushwaka and many more. Guy Collaborate on his last productions and remixes with Top artists like: Shlomi Aber ,Lutzenkirchen, Guy J, Michel De Hey, Evren Ulusoy, Audio Junkies, Sahar Z, Joseph Disco and many more. In the last years he established himself as a dj and as a producer and recognized with his unique hypnotic melodies and sound that will take you to space and back.

Dr.Or (Tel Aviv Dance, TLV // High Gloss Productions, AMS)
“…I do not limit or subject myself to any one specific genre or style of sound, I play electronic dance music that kicks ass (!!) ..”. Dr.Or is an alter ego project of Dror Zeevi. Currently living in Amsterdam, Co-Founder of High Gloss Productions agency (http://www.highglossproductions.com/), a resident DJ at Kinky Salon Amsterdam, Misbehave Party, Unleashed Fetish Underground and RedLight Cabaret parties. Responsible for countless creative event productions, sensational art and fashion concepts and themed and dance concepts that are taking over and dictating Amsterdam’s alternative night scene. After getting night life education for years in Tel Aviv and then taking it all the way forward in Amsterdam – Dr.Or will bring you some of the music, sounds, culture and more than all, passion for good seductive electronic music – showcasing a line between Tel Aviv and Amsterdam in specific, and his influences from around the world as a whole.

Michele Mango (Roof Animals // Tel Aviv)
Michele is the founder and resident DJ of “Roof Animals” and “Rehearsal” party lines. With DJ sets at Tel Aviv leading clubs –  Breakfast/Milk, Bootleg, Chechka, Deli, Radio E.P.G.B , The Block/The Squat, he had mastered the sound of Tel Aviv. Michele had started his first party line “Downtown” in Israel. After a year he had moved to Scotland where he was introduced to the Glasgow underground scene, after visiting places like SUB and the Sunday Circus line Michele had returned to Israel in 2008 with the intention of starting a non-commercial underground party line, though before that he had decided to learn sound engineering in order to know all about sound and keep his agenda professional. After moving to Tel-Aviv in 2011 and hooking up with DJ So Bor they had created their “Roof Animals” production. Taking place mainly on Tel Aviv’s urban roofs, these parties are a huge success. Another project together with “Freaktion” production was called “Metronome” – the atmospheric parties drew a very selected and positive crowed and for anyone who visited them surely will not forget them.

Lolla Tek (Sleepwalkers Records//Amsterdam)

Lolla Tek is a resident DJ and co-founder of Sleepwalkers and Charley Horse, concepts that take place regularly at top Amsterdam locations. She is a half of Suspect Delivery, established producer duo that recently opened a label Sleepwalkers Records.
Crowd likes her for her passion for groovy music that always makes people dance. She is convinced that music has to carry energy and inspiration, and give power to souls. She always chases the newest sound but also feels for timeless creations. Lolla Tek general style is tech-house. Depending on the event, timeslot and location it may vary in intensity and go darker, brighter, deeper or groovier but it never gets pure commercial sound. Her main passion at the moment is dark tech-house inspired by such an artists as Carlo Lio, The Junkies and Dubfire. Expect modern sound, driving grooves, pumping basslines.

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